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Pet Caskets by Critter Coffins

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Welcome to our web site!

All of our products are carefully handcrafted by a dedicated, experienced carpenter.  Our caskets are of the highest quality and are made with the intention of giving your beloved pet the final resting place he or she deserves. 

Pets are loyal members of our families.  So why should their death be treated differently than anyone else's?  That is why we make Critter Coffins.  Critter Coffins are caskets hand crafted by a skilled carpenter to let your beloved pet rest in peace.  We have researched pet coffins on the Internet and have found that most of them are greatly inadequate.  Why would you want to bury your loyal pet in a Tupperware container?  Our coffins are high-quality caskets that are comparable to wooden human caskets.  They are the best way to reward a loving pet one last time.  We hope you will purchase one of our fine products.

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